In 1999, Nuno Barrinho acquired his first lorry, enabling him to start up in the road freight business. That's how the company that would be called Barrinho Transportes, Lda. came into existence, based in Santa Catarina da Serra - Fátima.

The initial goal was focused on transporting freight from the car sector, cork (and its derivatives) and groupage.


In 2007, after the entry of a new shareholder António Vieira Rodrigues, it became a public limited company, changing its name to Barrinho Transportes, SA. and performs a considerable investment in the fleet.

Also in this year has been changed the corporate image with the creation of a new logo.


2010: In view of the growth between 2007 and 2010, Barrinho Transportes, felt the need to build new facilities, changing from a small office in Santa Catarina da Serra to the current location situated in Loureira.

This year the company obtained certification in the standard ISO 9001:2008.


2012: Always with the constant concern to provide a quality service, the company decided to complement the certification in 2010 with the requirements for the transport of food (HACCP) and values (TAPA TSR)

It was still completed the construction of warehouse to conduct logistics operations.


2016: Certification according to the TAPA TSR 2014 requirements, that reflects the concern of our company on the security of its employees and protection of the goods transported.


The company since your foundation in 1999, has been increasing gradually his fleet, the number of employees and geographical scope of its services.