Barrinho Transportes S.A. invests in the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of its IMS (Quality, Environment and Safety) in order to ensure compliance with the compliance obligations and other regulatory requirements applicable to the processes and business we carry out.

The organisation is committed to providing its services, assuring quality, acting safely towards people and goods and minimising the impacts on the environment, aiming to foster the prevention or reduction of the adverse effects of any risks.

The IMS integrated policy is based on four fundamental pillars, particularly on customer satisfaction, the continuous improvement of the service provided, employee motivation and the prevention of environmental risks and impacts, promoting the definition and achievement of objectives by the senior management.

  • As customer satisfaction is the greatest critical factor, the company has considered the following to be indispensable: compliance with scheduled times, constant monitoring of the goods transported, through GPS, and the impeccable appearance of its vehicles, aiming to assert the company's good image.
  • To guarantee compliance with the procedures set out in the IMS, with regulatory requirements, the applicable legal requirements and other commitments to stakeholders, thereby promoting the continuous improvement of the service provided.
  • To train, to raise the awareness of the employees and make them accountable for their obligations with regard to quality, protection of the environment and health and safety in the workplace, involving them in the compliance of the IMS objectives and guaranteeing their motivation, by developing and improving their skills.
  • The organisation has a constant concern for preventing environmental risks and impacts, wich can be demonstrated through the promotion of pollution prevention, rational use of natural resources, reduction of consumption, recycling, reuse of wastes generated, seeking more environmentally correct solutions in partnership with our customers and suppliers and other stakeholders. 

The organisation identifies and instigates initiatives linked to the risk of its business and activity, integrating the risks in its strategic planning, operations planning and decision-making, in order to boost or minimise their impact.

The Board of Barrinho Transportes S.A. undertakes to comply with and enforce the IMS policy and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the integrated management system.